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Obsidian Mountain LLC
Tokenized Real Estate

Real values instead of paper

Invest like the pros. Genuine participation and a say. Together with others.
Real Estate

Nowadays, real estate is one of the last safe investment opportunities left to people. The core problem is the price. Very few people are able to afford this piece of security. We make it possible. Invest with us in highly profitable real estate around the globe. Even with small amounts you can become part of it.

Blockchain is the most transparent and independent way of managing investments and payments to date. It is stable, forgery-proof and anonymous for outsiders. So, you have the possibility to invest without the participation of banks or states. Our specially created token is central to this.


Nothing works without your support and cohesion. For this reason, we give you a real say in the matter and appreciate your commitment to the maximum. With our tokens you can later purchase shares in genuine registered stock corporations. With the shares you will participate in the profits of the company. Together with the other investors, we thus control the fate of our stock corporation.

3 simple Steps


As a first step we exchange your investment into tokens. These will be booked directly to your Ethereum address through the Smartcontract. The coins are not subject to any transfer lock or other restrictions. They belong only to you!

Your investment will be used to establish a stock corporation. This will be sufficiently capitalised and will subsequently acquire a suitable property. Once the property is ready for operation, the rental/leasing process begins and the company starts operating. Tokenholders can register from this moment on to recieve distributions.

As the last step, you can use your tokens to purchase shares in the newly founded corporation. A price of 1 token/share is set for this. The smallest share package contains 100 shares. You are therefore a full shareholder of the stock corporation, which also holds the property in its portfolio, and you are therefore entitled to participate in profits.

Our promise

Our set goal is to create value with you and to maintain it!
No loans. No leverage. Low risk.

We do not use loans to purchase the properties. The risk is too high. There's no sense in building something up only to lose it later.
No dubious company constructs

We only establish public limited companies. These are recognized worldwide. Thus, legal security for all.
Genuine co-determination and participation

By participating directly in stock corporations, you have the right of co-determination guaranteed by law for this type of company.
Obsidian Mountain LLC
30 N Gould St Ste R
Sheridan, WY 82801
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